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We are a subscription-based streetwear line that makes a limited amount of s#!t!

How It Works


What is UniDiv?

Unified Division (UniDiv) is a lifestyle brand created by Mike Cannon in 2011 after he spent many years in the entertainment industry. During his career, Cannon spent time with SONY Music, XXL Magazine and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment just to name a few.

On July 1st of 2013 the company stopped selling clothing the conventional way online/in stores in order to limit the amount of UniDiv stuff that is released to the public. We are now a subscription-based streetwear line that makes a very limited amount of product.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of UniDiv, simply subscribe to one of our three plans (Gold, Platinum & Diamond). All plans include a free t-shirt and you can cancel at anytime.

What exactly do I get?

Depending on your subscription you will receive 1 t-shirt every Week, 2 Weeks or Month. The Diamond members also have the option of selecting their t-shirt and design colors each week. Occasionally we may drop some additional items in your delivery such as tank tops, stickers, sweatshirts or hats.

What sizes do you carry?

We carry Men’s and Women’s T-Shirts in sizes SMALL - 3XL and in rare cases 4XL. All of our hats are adjustable so one size fits most. Most of our tees are printed on Anvil 980 shirts except where noted, please see our sizing chart HERE!

Can I buy the old shirts?

Yes, after subscribing to UniDiv and becoming a member you can email us at with your shirt request. If the shirt is available (and if you are an active member) then you will receive a special link allowing you to purchase that 1 shirt for $39 US. Please note that we do not carry many of the older styles so act fast!

How do you choose designs?

Our designs will be based on whatever subject is hot that week in Pop/Rap Music. So for example, when Trinidad James released “All Gold Everything” we decided to develop a shirt with a ton of diamond and gold chains. Basically we are on constant lookout for what will be most talked about for the week and then narrow down our subject matter from there. We do make exceptions at times and may print a non-music shirt if the subject matter is just too big to not acknowledge it

When will I get my order?

You should expect your order to be shipped the following Monday after you have been charged. For example, if you are charged on a Wednesday for a shirt, your t-shirt will not be the one you see displayed for that week online but instead it’s the one that will be printed 4 days later on Sunday. Shipments are sent out on Monday of every week, so you would receive your stuff around Wednesday of said week (if in the USA) as long as your plan has a shirt that is being released that week! Here is the breakdown for each subscription plan… Gold = 1 shirt every 30 days, Platinum = 1 shirt every 15 days & Diamond = 1 shirt every 7 days. All packages go out at the same time so it all depends on how far away from us you live. All plans have tees that go out each week, so your shirt each month all depends on when you subscribed to UniDiv, so it is possible for 4 Gold Plan subscribers to have 4 different shirts because they subscribed during different weeks.

Who will deliver my package?

The majority of orders will be shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS), or UPS.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $7.00 for each shipment. For example, if you select the “Platinum” package then you will be billed $14.00 per month (two separate shipments at $7/EA per shipment).

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we will ship to any corner of the world you want. Please keep in mind that if you live outside the United States of America it will take longer for your product to reach your house than those who live in the states.

How do I change my address?

Same place as your other account information, by selecting the Log In button on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. Or you can just click HERE! NOTE: You will need to create a password first in order to access your account details.

What if product is damaged?

Please contact UniDiv Customer Service via email at with a photo of the damaged area and we will work with you on issuing a credit or replacement item.

What if I never got my order?

If for any reason you never received your order even though it showed Delivery Confirmed by the USPS tracking number, please contact your local post office first with the tracking information. If you have contacted your local post office and are still unable to locate your order, please email customer care at We ship all items in plain packaging to help them blend in with other paper mail so that no one steals your UniDiv for themselves.

When do you charge me?

Your card will be charged immediately after signing up and completing your order, the fee depends on the plan you have selected. All plans are billed 1 time per month (29-31 days)

Can I pause or skip a delivery?

Unfortunately you can’t pause or skip a delivery, we are confident that you will appreciate each shirt/hat & accessory that we mail out to you.

Cancel my account or order!

To cancel your subscription, simply Log In to manage your subscription. You will need to create a password first in order to access your account details. The request must be made at least 2 business days prior to your billing date to avoid being charged

Please allow 3-4 business days for any refunds to be posted back to your account.

What is your return policy?

Our designs are custom printed each week. Inventory is created based on the amount of subscribers to any plan and as a result we print exactly what our customers order.

We do not except returns if it is simply because you do not like the design we created for that week. If an item is damaged by UniDiv (in manufacturing or shipping) we will gladly exchange it for another though.

Refund Method

Refunds can only be credited to the original card. Once processed, it may take 1-2 weeks for the refunds to be posted back to your account depending on your bank. Please note, NO refunds will be issued after 30 days from the shipping date.

Referrals and Coupons

We do not offer any coupons or discounts for you referring a new customer to us because we don’t want new customers! We would like to keep Unified Division very exclusive, so as it says at the top of our homepage “don’t tell anybody!”

Can I give UniDiv as a gift?

Yes, after successfully completing your order please contact customer service via email at and provide us with the mailing info of the person who is to receive the subscription.

I have more questions!

Not a problem! We'd love to hear from you. Please contact our Customer Service department via email at We look forward to speaking with you.

Pricing (Cancel Anytime)

*Add a $7 shipping and handling fee for each item being shipped in the US. Example: Platinum package is $49/Month + $14 for two packages.
International subscribers pay the same $7 for shipping, please see our FAQ section.

  • "UniDiv is a creative clothing line that will change the street wear industry, with a growing fan base"

    T-Shirt Magazine
  • "UniDiv is what I call a Niche Hot Business ... designs are great and they know what they're doing!"

    Marc Ecko
  • "Dope idea backed up by great designs that respect and prop up the culture. A+."

    Chris "Broadway" Romero

Shirts (Best Sellers)

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    All Gold Chains

    As soon as the Trinidad Jame$ song “All Gold Everything” dropped we printed a shirt with just that, releasing it just before the song blew up.

  • //

    Yeezus Saves!

    Although Kanye pushed a few tour dates back, he still got tee of the week with our version of Mr. West as Yeezus.

  • //

    Kiss n’ Twerk

    This Miley Cyrus piece was released the week after her SNL performance. She loves that tongue, Gene Simmons style!

  • //

    Rap God

    We knew Em would cause a lot of controversy with his latest single. He’s top 10 all time to us, so Rap God was created.


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    Goons II

    Everyone should have one or two on speed dial in case of an emergency. This tee is dedicated to the muscle in your crew!

  • //

    Labels Alphabet

    Unified Division wanted to make an alphabet with record labels that best represent Hip-Hop/Pop Music over the last 30 years.

  • //

    Dirty South Univ.

    Not everyone goes to college, so different “street universitiy" tees were printed for different areas of the world and this is the Dirty South version.

  • //

    In Gwap We Trust

    Our Gwap tee was created a few weeks before Big Sean released his song Guap. This is what we think should be printed on money in the US!



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    Trill II

    The word Trill is a combination of “true” & “real”. Here's to all those who keep it 100, especially those from the Lone Star State.

  • //


    UniDiv created a Sleep/Death tee to commemorate Nas’ Life Is Good album, which many said reminded them of his 1st album, Illmatic.

  • //


    We know when somthing is ending, so at its height we created a Rock ‘n’ Roll style Swag shirt to mark the beginning of the end for this term.

  • //

    Trappers II

    Everyone from Gucci to Nicki Minaj was talking about the Trap in 2012. We decided to create a team mascot. Get it? A bird… Trappers…


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    Thanks for shopping Unified Division. For questions regarding sales, partnerships or interviews, please reach out to me directly via email at!

    Mike Cannon
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